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    Certified Google Ads Management Agency
    Certified Google Ads Agency

    Google Ads Africa is an Industry Leader in Google Ads Management and Consultation
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PPC and Google Ads Agency in South Africa

PPC Experts To Manage Your Google Ads Campaign!
PPC Ads Agency South Africa

What We Offer:

Our team of Google Ads Specialists can analyze your existing Google Ads campaign (previously known as - Google Adwords) for you and provide you with keyword and bidding recommendations to increase ROI (Return-On-Investment) of your existing campaign. We will also give suggestions on Ad quality and landing page quality which both play an important role in ads positioning, CTR (Click-Through-Rate) and Conversion rate.

Google Adwords Express

Adwords Express is specifically designed for small businesses. Cost-Per-Clicks (CPC) on keywords are less than Google Ads

Google Search Ads

Google Search Ads are text Ads that appear in Google Search Results (above and below organic results) and mobile APPS

Google Display Network

Display Network (text, image, and video Ads) consists of Google Partner websites across the internet, such as sites that use AdSense

Google Ads Help Articles

Google Ads Help Articles

Ads Campaign Setup

We will setup your Ads campaign, choose keywords/queries and will monitor Ads performance and readjust keywords and bidding accordingly

Ads That Work!

Our main focus will be on Ad Rank and Ad Quality, which will then result in good CTR (Click-Through-Rate) to your Ads landing page

Landing Pages That Work!

We will design your landing pages based on targeted keywords, relevance and user intent, which will drive higher conversions


Our mission is not only to get your business the exposure and the advertising results it deserves. We also provide quality SEO services and website design - with over 8 years experience in the digital marketing industry.

Services Offered

Google Ads That Work

Google Ads That Work!

Need help increasing conversion rate and ROI? Our advertising experts can help your business with company leads

SEO Services

SEO Services

Optimizing your website will help improve your organic exposure in Google, resulting in less Ad costs

Website Designs That Work

Website Designs That Work!

Our website design packages are affordable, professional and modern, and are mobile friendly and will display on all browsers

Google My Business Advertising

Google My Business

We will set-up your Google Business account to appear in the 3-pack Map results
Google Web Designer Video Banners

Video Banner Design

We will create animation banners for you that appear on YouTube videos

Our Affordable Prices

Designed to fit your business goal, your business niche and your wallet!

Google Ads Prices South Africa

Google Ads Prices

Designed To Fit Your Business Goals!

Pricing structures pertain to Google Adwords Express, Google Search and Google Partner websites (the Display Network)

SEO Services Prices South Africa

SEO Services Prices

Based On Your Business Requirements!

Our SEO Services range from On-Site website Optimization for Google Organic Search Results to Hacking and Malware assistance

Website Design Prices South Africa

Website Design Prices

Modern And Mobile Friendly Designs!

A modernly designed website that responds on all browsers will help you to make sales and pull in more revenue from Google Search

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Our call center is open from 7AM to 5PM weekdays during business hours.

Saterdays from 8AM to 1PM

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+27 (0)63 004 1444

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