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Google Adwords Express

Google Adwords Express Advertising For Small Businesses –

Google Adwords Express is specifically designed for small businesses with low budgets.

Google Ads, on the other hand, requires money, time and knowledge to make it work cost efficiently, and most small business owners live in a time-strapped world, and are not interested, or do not have the time to learn the fundamentals of Google Ads.

We offer Adwords Express set-up at an affordable rate.

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About Adwords Express

AdWords Express Cost Per Clicks (CPC’s) on keywords are less than what you would pay for Google Ads, which consists of Search, Display, Mobile, Video and Shopping networks.

AdWords Express will allow you to show up on Google Search, Google Display Networks and Google Maps. With AdWords Express, you can set a budget based on your type of business niche and goals, Google will then come up with relative keywords to trigger Ads to your website.

AdWords Express allows you to adjust your budget and stop or change your ads at any time.

Always remembering; Google Ads and AdWords Express used at the same time can cause your Ads to compete against each other, which will complicate your Ad management.

If you are unsure about choosing between the two advertising platforms (AdWords Express and Google Ads ) you can contact us on +27 63 004 1444. or email us.  We will then help you find the correct advertising tool that’s right for your business and budget.

Google AdWords Express FAQ

Must I Own A Website To Advertise My Business On AdWords Express?

No; you do not need a personalized website to advertise your business on AdWords Express. You can simply use ‘Google My Business’ and create a free website, which you can then link too.

How much should I allocate for advertising?

To work out how much you should spend, we will work out a budget based on your business category and location.


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