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Google Display Ads

Google Ads for the Display Network –

The Google Display Network is made up of partner websites, like sites that use Google Adsense. Your Ads can also display on YouTube Videos and Gmail, or Mobile Devices and APPS. We will set-up your Display Network advertising campaign and run it for you.

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Display campaigns are often used to help spread awareness of your brand and are not always needed. Display Ads also bring in a lot fewer leads than Search Ads.

For example – A Drug and Addiction Rehabs would not use the Display Network, they will use the Search Network.

What We Do!

We use text or combine images to highlight your business offerings

We measure campaign performance and make adjustments to meet your business objectives

We optimize keywords, demographics, location, and use remarketing to target people who previously visited your site that never completed a purchase.

We measure how well you’re meeting your goals, and check which webpages run your ads.

We monitor which ads deliver the most clicks, and monitor which websites give you the most value for the lowest cost.

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