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Adwords Express Costs –

In our previous help article (Google  Adwords Express For Small Businesses) we discussed the fundamentals of setting up Google  Adwords Express.

In this article, we discuss Adwords Express Costs and give a few examples of how prices can vary based on business niche, keywords, and location.

Google Adwords Express Costs

Google Adwords Express Costs Based On Keywords and Location

The first Keyword cost we test is ‘Rehab’ – Location: South Africa in Plettenberg Bay. Other keywords such as Drug Addiction Rehab, etc.. are priced approximately the same. So Google will also add them where they feel its relevant to the user’s query.

Rehab Keyword Cost For South Africa

Maximum monthly budget: ZAR – 5,932.54 (is the cost your ads campaign will cost for 1 month)

Maximum daily budget: ZAR – 195.15 per day (is the average cost your ads campaign will cost per day)

Estimated clicks per month: 425 – 710 (Estimated clicks per month (CTR – Click Through Rate) is the number of times a user clicks on your add)

Google will automatically display your ad based on your budget, and will not exceed the specified daily budget (you can, however, increase your budget at any given time)


The most important aspect of digital marketing is ROI (Return On Investment)

The Conversion rate for most small businesses in the health industry is around 2%.

So if you received 500 clicks for the month your conversion rate (clients who contacted you) would be approximately 10.

The conversion rate can, however, differ from rehab to rehab or from agency to agency that runs the campaign.  The conversion rate can, however, be increased by Ad Rank and Landing Page Quality. The Ad itself needs to be enticing, and the landing page needs to sell the Addiction Treatment Center.

Lets for argument sake assume your Rehab gained 1 booking out of the 10 clients who contacted you for prices, etc…

So Then What Is The ROI?

In general rehab Centers charge around R120,000.00 per client for 3 months treatment (+- R40,000.00 per month per client)

If the rehab receives 1 client per month from Adwords Express they will turn-over R40,000.00 for the month.

R40,000.00 – 5,932.54 for Adwords Express = R34,067.46 Return On Investment

Rehab Keyword Cost For The UK

Lets now have a look at the keyword ‘Rehab’ in the UK.

Maximum monthly budget: £945.56

Maximum monthly budget: £31.10 per day (average)

Estimated clicks per month: 205 – 342

There is a huge difference between the two countries. For a South African to target the keyword ‘Rehab’ in the UK, it would now cost R17,155.75 per month (SA campaign costs R5,932.54 per month) a UK campaign for the same keyword would then cost a South African triple the amount.

Always remembering; you will pay triple the amount for a UK campaign, and will only receive half the amount of conversions! (a simple observation from a simple person 😉 )

Countries with strong currencies tend to have higher keyword bidding prices than countries with lower currencies, such as South Africa.

Coincidentally – High traffic keyword bidding costs in the health industry can exceed $100 per click. For that reason, it’s best to choose long tail queries, which are a lot cheaper.

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