Guide To Setting Up Google Adwords and Smart Campaigns

Google Adwords Setup Help

Google Adwords Setup Help

In this Google Adwords Help Article we cover setting up Smart Campaigns Automatically, and we cover the ZAR 600.00 Ad coupon that Google gives away to first time advertisers.

Before we even begin – the credit is not actually free! you first need to spend ZAR 200.00 on Google Ads to get your ZAR 600.00 Ad credit. So by investing R200, you will be able to advertise for the amount of R800. Google simply came up with a sales gimmick to entice first time advertisers to use Google Ads, and only mention the R200 after you have taken the time to create and complete your first Ad!

Google Coupon Terms –

Nonetheless – The Google Smart Campaign or Adwords Campaign can be stopped at any given time, or your budget can be increased by adding more money to the campaign.

Setting Up Your Google Ads Campaign

  • You first need to sign into your Google Ads account.
  • In the “Campaigns” overview, click New campaign.
  • Then follow the instructions to create your first Ads campaign

After signing up you are ready to create your first Ads campaign and can claim your ZAR 600.00 Ad credit

What is the Smart Campaign?

Smart Campaign is the easiest way to reach customers on Google and allows you to get your text Ad online quickly. Your Ad settings will be fine-tuned automatically by Google Adwords for the best results.

Smart Campaign is perfect for small to medium size businesses who don’t have time or knowledge to manage there own Google Ads Campaign.

The interface is easy to use and easy to view reports,

Choosing between Smart Campaigns and Google Ads

Compare Smart and Google Search Campaigns

The first option you have is to choose between the Smart Campaign or Google Search Campaign itself, which is a lot more complicated and needs to be manually fine-tuned for optimal Ads performance, which we can set-up and run for you.

Setting Up Adwords Smart Campaigns

In this help article, we focus on Google Smart Campaign which is ideal for small-to-medium businesses and requires very little ongoing management and the interface is extremely straight forward and easy to use.

Welcome To Adwords Choose Your Goal

You first need to choose your goal. There are three options available. Each option explains the goal in a drop-down menu.

  • Call your business
  • Visit your storefront
  • Take an action on your website

Choose Targeted Location

Target Location For Customers

After you have chosen your goal you need to select a location that you would prefer to target. Google will display user activity for the chosen location.

Define your Product or Service

Define Your Product Service

You now need to choose your targeted language, then you need to choose a business category. In the example, we chose SEO Services and targeted English. Google will once again point you in the right direction with regards to potential audiences and location.

After choosing a specific product your Ad will be eligible to appear to people searching for similar terms on Google

Create Your First Ad

Create Your Smart Campaign Ad

Your first Ad is actually quite simple to set-up and Google Guide you all the way. There are two Headlines that can be added to the title area and description.

You will, however, notice if you use capitalization on unnecessary keywords, or gibberish capitalization, Google will flag the Ad (and give you a chance to fix the issue) in this instance I made the mistake of capitalizing ‘URL’ in the description field.

Google ads aren’t allowed to use excessive or gimmicky capitalization such as “FREE ShIpPiNg.” Ads can include capitalized names like “AdWords,” acronyms, coupon codes like “SALE50,” and can capitalize each word like “Great Hotel Deals.

Capitalization Warning

In the two Headlines, you should use strong verbs tell your customers what they can expect when they call you or land on your website, such as – Call today, Sign up or Get a quote.

Example Below:

Cyber SEO Services | Free SEO Audit

Basic technical SEO audit of your website. No sign-up all we require is your url

Set Your Budget

The final step is to set a budget that you can afford. The minimum amount you need to pay is R200 to receive your free R600 coupon from Google. You can naturally add a lot more money.

Preview Your Ad

And that’s about it. You can now view your add on Google Search, Google Maps and the Partner Display Network.

Then confirm payment information. Once payment is received your Ad will go live. The most popular methods of transferring money to Google is via credit card. They do however even accept bank transfers.

Confirm Payment Info