SEO Services South Africa

SEO Services and Packages

We offer 3 different SEO Services and Packages, which vary in accordance with the size, condition, and complexity of the website which will change SEO costs and time frames. For that reason, we suggest you first send your URL for a free SEO Audit.

Below are our SEO Offerings:

  • Free SEO Audit – Submit Website!
  • Basic SEO Package (for small businesses) – Prices!
  • Silver SEO Package (for larger businesses) – Prices!
  • Platinum SEO Package (for corporate businesses) – Prices!

SEO Service Explained

One of our main focuses is on EAT (Authority – Expertise – Trustworthiness) and  YMYL (Your Money or Your Life), both EAT and YMYL have now become a big part of the algorithms.

Besides the Basic package, our services are only available for a period of 3 months, or more. After 3 months we can renegotiate the price, and move over to a maintenance package, which is a lot cheaper.

Throughout the SEO period, we will send reports keeping you up to date with your websites performance, and our progress.

Main areas we focus on:

  • The relevance of title and description keywords to the main content and user intent.
  • Where possible we reconcile bad ranking pages or get you to update them, or we remove them.
  • Check and fix dead pages and redirect issues.
  • Fix HTML improvements reported in Google Search Console and other reported issues.
  • Backlink analyses (does not include disavowing links)
  • Responsive Mobile analysis.
  • Analyze and improve Page Speed.
  • Add the website to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools.
  • Create and Submit sitemap.
  • Add Google Analytics tracking code to monitor rankings.
  • email reports throughout the month.

SEO campaigns for small websites can be achieved in one month. But in general, you will only see fruitfulness in a few months (fruitfulness usually only occurs around 3 months after completion of SEO)

Other Services We Offer

We also offer Hacking and Malware assistance and clean-up bad neighbourhood link campaigns by tracking down bad links then disavowing them in Google Search Console.

Prices would generally depend on the extent of the Hack or Malware or size and condition of the backlink campaign.

Hacking, Malware and Disavow help are charged per hour @ R250