Google Disavow and Penalty Recovery Help

Google Penalty Recovery Assistance and Link Disavow

Has your website been nailed by one of Google’s ever-changing algorithms? If so we can help.

We offer Link Disavow assistance, Manual Spam Action, and Algorithmic filter help.

Link Disavow Help

We will access your link campaign and download all follow links from Seach Console and other backlink Checkers. We will then sieve through each website to analyze your backlinks.

For the disavow tool to work it is important to try to remove as many bad links as possible, but on occasions, Webmasters will not remove the links or will ignore our request. We then proceed to Disavow bad links.

If we perceive links come from bad neighborhoods we will add them to a Disavow file, which we then submit in Search Console (a Disavowed file tells Google to nofollow the links, and not to count them against the website)

Disavow is charged @ R250 per hour (the size and condition of the backlink campaign will determine how much we charge)

Manual Spam Action From The WebSpam Team

Manual Spam Action is received in Google Search Console. We will evaluate the report and fix the issue. We will then submit a Reconsideration Request to Google to lift the Penalty. Manual Spam Action Recovery is priced @ R250 per hour.

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